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Fohow Group is a large multinational company engaged in the research, production, sales and service of CURATIVE Chinese medicine natural health products. After more than ten years of development, FOHOW Group has formed a marketing center, R & D center, production center, operation management center, financial center and other functional departments.

In February 2007, FOHOW Group officially developed the international market. Up to now, FOHOW has expanded business into many countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. It has opened 2,200 health product experience centers around the world, bringing health and beauty to the product users world wide.


Company Culture

The phoenix is the king of the birds. It has the Specialty of the hundred birds. The sound is the clearest, It has the most physique and the most beautiful feathers..

Phoenix, not afraid of setbacks, is not afraid of difficulties, has experienced countless hardships and even  fires, and has been reborn and become the bird of eternal life. Phoenix, brings people auspicious. Legend has it that people who see the phoenix can get a happy life. FOHOW Group expects to bring health and happiness to all friends like Phoenix Bird.

The partner of the FOHOW business, like the Phoenix Bird, pursues excellence until it becomes the best.

Enterprise Mission: Promoting health culture for the benefit of human life.

Entrepreneurial spirit: benevolence to the world, love without boundaries, never give up.

Corporate Positioning: International Health expert, Chinese Cultural Envoy

Corporate core values: integrity, love, loyalty

Business philosophy: struggle and sharing, achievement and inheritance

Business strategy: stick to the initial heart, continue to innovate, bring new by old, continue to open.

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