Frequently Asked Questions


All orders that are registered before 6pm on a business day will be sent either the same day or the next day after the order confirmation. There are different delivering duration by couriers, depending on your Location.

After you’ve received the confirmation that your order has been sent, it’ll take from 2-5 days  depending on the destination for the package to reach you.

Delivery time and Fee may also vary depending on the size, value and weight of the package.

 If you don’t receive your package within a reasonable time period, please don’t hesitate to Email us at idikajessy@gmail.com

 We will answer you within 24 hours on working days.

Yes you do.

Reason being that all products are given at the exact rate (Distributors Prices). In other words, Delivery fee will vary depending on the amount of products ordered plus location

Yes, but only if we have not already sent your order which we do every business day before 6pm.

Yes you can.

In order for Your order to be in your structure, additionally to the list of products you would have to provide:

First Name

Last Name

Distributors Number (ID)


Send the above information to 08039437882 via calls/text/WhatsApp message


Yes, we can declare the parcel as a “Gift”. If you have such request, then Contact us before or during the purchase in “Comments” field or reach Us directly on 08039437882


Fohow products are more than supplements. They are CURATIVE Herbal drugs. It can be used for preventive and CURATIVE measures for Ailments, both minor and Chronic.

Our company is one of the few in the corporate world which primarily care about the health of its employees. Of course, I use the products and get excellent results in health.

No, I say, you don’t.

Since our products are CURATIVE, once you are done with the treatment plan and gotten your health back, all you need to do is be on proper diet and have some lifestyle changes. With these, you don’t have to be in our products for life.

ordered plus location

We all can see in markets cheap and not very reliable products from China. But in China, as in any country, there are high-quality products, and consumer goods as well.

First of all, Fohow has been in the research and production of it’s products for over 21 years and has lots of certifications to show for it. You can learn more from ABOUT US .  In conclusion, lots of distributors have visited the company’s factory where they are shown how all products are Made.

We don’t treat blindly. We work with Medical reports from the hospitals or labs.

We have a team of experts that helps to interpret Results

Yes! Kindly check ABOUT US Column to view our certifications

They are not expensive. They are affordable.

When it comes to acquiring good Health, no amount of money is termed “expensive”.

No. The fohow drugs/products does not have any known side effects provided you utilize it as being directed by a FOHOW health care personnel or consultant

Fohow products can be used by everyone

  1. A) Healthy persons: Those who are active and healthy and wants to maintain good health and wellness
  2. B) Sub-healthy persons:(Convalescents) Those who are recovering from particular ailment, to restore physical and mental balance and achieve a quicker recovery and more healthy state
  3. C) The sick persons(Invalid):

Enable sick patients to achieve good health with various treatment and by increasing body’s resistance to disease

Yes. But you must be given advice on how to use them at separate times or with proper spacing

YES! It is very safe and can be used without other drugs to achieve good results in treatment but with proper follow up

NO!  Fohow drugs are being combined for every treatment be it Diabetes, High blood pressure, Infection, cancer .e.t.c according to what a patient is diagnosed  of and not necessarily a particular drug is given for treating several ailments.

  • Cordyceps(fungus): Immune booster
  • Ganoderma(mushroom): Brain booster
  • Ginseng(root): Enhances fertility


Fohow business is a Multi Level Marketing company.

Selling is a choice. You are not forced to sell before earning (No authorship).

All we do is save lives and get paid.

To reach success:

Be 100% confident in our company and its capabilities.

If you have a burning desire – just get started!  And be Consistent. Once you do, smart and beautiful people will stick to you. So Be a magnet for others!

Look around: Almost Everyone is Sick, all fighting secret battles. Sometimes I look at the high-rise buildings and think how many sick, bedridden and dying people are behind those windows, people who do not know about our amazing CURATIVE products!

 Therefore, we share information, tell people about the company’s products, and learn how to invite people without being biased (that one looks too rich, that one looks too poor, this one is young, that one is old, they don’t look sick etc.

 Give information to everyone you see and you will find people for your team.

You can contact our team coordinator through any of our contacts indicated on the website and we will schedule you for any of our weekly royal seminars and get you registered. And if you are an employee that works, we can schedule you for one on one seminar or any of our weekend seminars and get you registered. For people outside Calabar, we can visit you for a royal seminar depending on your seriousness and readiness to register and subsequently invite people for your seminar and get them all registered under you. You do the invitation of people while we do the talking. We come to your state on our own expense.

We welcome newly interested member from other countries that wants to register with our team and grow together with us to the top. All they need to do is to send us an e-mail or give us a call through any of our contacts on our website showing their interest in working with our team in Fohow. We believe before you called us, you must have gone through our products and compensation plan on our website. So we relate, get acquainted and build a relationship with you.

You then send your full name, phone number, email contact and the money for any of our three packages(300PV or 360PV or 480PV) you have chosen to us, and we get you registered and parcel your products and all our free Royal business promotional materials across to you with delivery expenses paid by you. Subsequently we train you on how to grow in your fohow business and eventually becoming a Fohow registered agent in your country. We’ll also be feeding you on day to day happenings and developments in our global team and Fohow international business.

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