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Fohow takes “promoting development of regimen culture and benefiting human health” as the tenet and is determined to develop into the world’s most successful health enterprise. Besides bringing health to consumers all over the world, it also provides people from different countries, with different backgrounds, engaged in different industries, who hope to create their own careers with a fair, free, stable and sustainable global career development opportunity. It can help you to create the most profitable return in the industry and realize the highest value of your life. The benefits of joining FOHOW CAREER are listed Below: 

In Fohow, you can build your own health career according to your schedule in the way you like. Fohow Career fits everyone. Its business threshold is low. You do not need to invest in a lot of money. There is zero risk and it gives you a lot of freedom. Flexible working time and working place. You can work full time or part time. People with different life styles, at different ages or with different professional backgrounds can all joint us freely.

Fohow has an excellent rewarding system which is safe, reliable and mutually beneficial and takes your interest into full consideration. In Fohow, no matter what color of skin you have, what race you are, what educational background you have and what background you are from, if you want to learn and are willing to work hard, you can get return correspondingly. More pay for more work. Fohow will help you to improve living standard of you and your family and enhance your life quality.

Outstanding corporate culture and effective training activities of Fohow can help you explore you potential, enhance your marketing ability, personal quality and cultural connotation and make a comprehensive enhancement. Fohow has a perfect praising and incentive mechanism. No matter your progress is big or small, you can be recognized and rewarded. Fohow can make you fully enjoy honors and happiness during your growth and progress. Through many different ways, Fohow builds a broad platform for your growth. It can help you broaden your horizon, enrich your experience and make you develop into the most respectable international marketing talent or product expert.

Unique Fohow working environment can help you forget unhappy things in your life and acquire huge spirit wealth and can let you become more optimistic, confident and beautiful; Fohow provides you with many opportunities to travel abroad. You can take your family with you. You can enjoy the extraordinary trip and enhance family happiness; Here, you can create your own health career and live a happy, confident, splendid and abundant life!

If you are looking for an additional opportunity to earn money which promises a great income potential without having to invest too much of your time, then we would like to invite you to consider the possibility of becoming a distributor for FOHOW products. The only requirement from your side to become a FOHOW distributor is to place a one-time order in the amount of 500.00 USD (N180,000 naira)


You only need to inform us of your intention to become a member of our team and we will immediately inform you about your career opportunities.

As soon as we receive your order, we will register you as a distributor with FOHOW. Hereupon we will inform you about your FOHOW distributor number and also provide you with your login details for accessing your personal distributor online account. In addition, you will receive further information about how to build up your own sales network and we will assist you to market the FOHOW products.

The FOHOW sales network is very intelligently structured and yet simple at the same time, offering on the long-term run an excellent earning potential.

By now there are many very successful FOHOW distributors in different parts of the world who, after having built up their own sales network, can now live comfortably from the income their network is generating, without having to invest much of their time into the actual sales of the products.

Currently, the FOHOW company is expanding into the AFRICA, EU and US markets. For those living in Nigeria, European Union or in the United States of America this is an outstanding opportunity to join the FOHOW sales force at this early stage of building up the distribution network in these three major economic regions of the world!

If you have any questions in regard to becoming a distributor or an Agent for FOHOW products, please contact us without hesitation by filling the form below with your basic information or call 08039437882

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