Warm and dredge the vessels. Fend off the cold and have an analgesic effect. It is applied to synovitis caused by coldness-related channel blocking. The symptoms include sore back and sore limb joints; abdomen crymodynia and deficiency-cold diarrhea caused by stomach and spleen cold; chronic rheumatic arthritis, chronic enterogastritis (Refer to the above- mentioned symptom).


– It warns and dredges the blood vessels
– It has analgesics effects
– It is effective in Rheumatoid, Arthritis, and Rheumatism.
– It maintains the physiological functions of the body.


  1. This is for external use. Do not use it at derma ulceration sites.
  2. Do not eat raw and cold food and do not get cold when using this product.
  3. Children, pregnant or lactating women, and the old and infirm shall use this product under the guidance of the doctor.
  4. This product only treats the symptoms. Those with chronic rheumatic arthritis and chronic enterogastritis need to see the doctor
  5. If you have a severe burning sensation or local swelling at the pasting site, stop use it and go to the hospital. e.t.c


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