Faradization Thermal Waist Belt


Fohow products are quite the best products for any specific ailment that needs treatment without any operation or difficult method of health procedures. Fohow thermal waist belt has a way of reducing belly fats quickly and very effectively without any pain. Fohow Thermal waist belt can be a very effective medical procedure due to the thermal performance that connects with the system of the body and regulates the necessary amount of dose that the particular body needs to get the necessary health standard. negative ion.


Benefits of fohow waist belt include treatment for all belly health issues and even goes to the extent of helping blood pressure by normalizing the blood circulation both the whole body and also specifically the belly. it prevents diseases, helps to improves blood circulation, preventing gastroptosis, enhancing intestines activities. The thermal waist protector helps the blood vessel through the bio induction thermal which depends on the time of usage relieving pain in the human body. promoting blood circulation and the immune system both in the waist area and other parts of the body. Fohow thermal waist belt also helps in promoting blood circulation.

How to use fohow waist belt is very easy, because of the infrared ray that it uses which makes a special material for health care, it can be used just by applying to the waist and leave for a period of time.


  • Heart and blood vessel diseases – hypertonic disease Stages I and II, rheumatism and blood vessel dystonia
  • Nervous system diseases and traumas – spine and brain traumas, inner disc ruptures, spine osteochondritis, spinal cord blood circulation disorders, strokes, neuritis, neuralgias, neurosis, paralysis
  • Peripheral blood vessel diseases – eliminating atherosclerosis, thromboangiitis, rein disease, chronic venous and lymphatic venous deficiency, surface and deep venous thrombus phlebitis
  • Support and movement diseases and injuries – deforming osteochondritis (acute stages and remission phases I and II), infectious toxic arthritis, bursitis and periarteritis, slow-healing broken bones, bruises, tendon, and joint capsule strains and dislocation
  • Respiratory system diseases – chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma (excepting hormone dependency cases)
  • Digestive tract diseases – stomach pain, gastritis and gastro-duodenitis, chronic pancreatitis
  • Urological genital system diseases – Cystitis, Urethritis, Pyelonephritis, Adnexitis, Prostatitis, Impotence, Infertility, Climacteric syndrome, tumors (myoma, fibroma, breast fibroadenoma)


  • Recommended for all age groups
  • There is no limit to the number of procedures, however, do remember – the best curative and preventive effects are achieved by regular sessions rather than by frequent ones.
  • Moisten the working surface of the belt prior to usage by spraying it or by smoothing your palm dampened with water over it.
  • Then place the belt on a problematic area and affix the stickers on the belt.
  • It takes 5-10 minutes to feel the belt working (depending on skin sensitivity). There is a sensation of light, needle-like prickling and heat.
  • The skin surface is not marred in any way by the user. Remember – unlike mustard or simple heat treatments – there are no burns, no redness, and no rise in body temperature.
  • The recommended time of usage per session is 15-30 minutes. If the heat is too strong for you or if there is a burning sensation, the belt can be removed sooner for a shorter treatment.
  • Do not use the belt for over 5 hours per session.
  • Do not use the belt while sleeping.
  • Clean the biological working area of the belt with a soft damp cloth. Do not use any detergent when washing it.
  • Do not crumple the belt. Do not dry it in direct sunlight.
  • Store in a dry and dark place


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