The softener shampoo contains expensive medical herbal medical components of the Orient, such as Chinese keritheps, ginseng, and light asparagus. Shampoo deeply cleanses, strengthens the hair and scalp, protects follicles, nourishes the hair roots, creates a protective layer, and helps absorb nutrients, restores beauty and health, making the hair shiny like silky. Thanks to the balanced irrigation formula, the product feeds and fills the hair, prevents drying and cracking, helps to keep them healthy and shiny, in any environment.

Soft, enriched with cordyceps and ginseng extracts and other ingredients, softening shampoo supplies hair with essential nutrients, helps restore hair structure. It stops hair loss, strengthens the hair, and promotes their growth.

With the help of the tool, the hair will be lightly combed and shiny, and most importantly – the structure of healthy hair will be maintained. Research has shown that this shampoo has exceptional moisturizing properties, restoring and protecting the hair from the roots to the tips. The hair does not tear, shines, becomes obedient and fluffy, as well as restores not only the moisture balance of the skin but also intensely moisturized hair regains its healthy structure.


Chinese Cordyceps

Cordyceps extract contains a lot of nutrients for the health of the scalp, hair moisture balance, damaged hair regeneration, making them healthy and beautiful.

Ginseng extract

Ginseng extract refreshes damaged hair, moisturizes, and fills them with nutrients – the hair becomes softer, stronger, and more subtle. The extract also helps to regenerate the hair and its follicles, as well as tones, and prevents the formation of inflammatory processes. It accelerates the metabolism of the hair cells, improves their breathing and nutrition, restores the inner and outer structure of the hair, protects against harmful environmental and harmful sun exposure.

Asparagus extract

The asparagus extract easily penetrates into the hair structure, has an antistatic effect, makes the hair obey, gives additional irrigation.

Shampoo effect:

  1. Deep cleansing – good foaming (even from low levels) and enriched formula, gently and deeply cleanses the hair, giving the scalp a lasting freshness feeling;
  2. Long-term irrigation – Natural cordyceps and ginseng extracts provide long-lasting moisturizing effects on the hair, making them shiny and silky, preventing hair drying and cracking;
  3. Restoration of the hair structure – Cordyceps extract and other herbal ingredients restore damaged hair and moisturize the hair roots, strengthen the skin, help create a protective layer, stimulate the absorption of nutrients;
  4. Equal and silky hair – a balanced moisturizing and nourishing formula fill the hair with vitality, helping them to maintain shine and tenderness

Product Features:

  • Contains natural vegetable components;
  • Opening of the hair scales and deep penetration into the structure of the hair;
  • Irrigation and regeneration from the outside and inside;
  • Hair beauty and shine.


  1. Deeply cleansing; good foaming and enriched formula, gently and deeply cleanses the hair, giving the scalp a lasting freshness feeling
  2. Grows hair and makes it fuller
  3. Provides long-lasting moisturizing effect on the hair, making them shiny, silky, and smooth
  4. Preventing hair dryness and breakage
  5. Restoring hair structure
  6. Promotes hair absorption of nutrients
  7. Nourishes the hair root
  8. Turns grey hair back to black when used consistently

PACKAGING: 500 ml.


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