Fohow Health Card(Energy card)


BioEnergy card is considered to be beneficial for most medical and psychological problems. It is a form of complementary medicine (alternative medicine) based on an ancient theory that all illnesses are caused by a disturbance to the flow of energy within the body.
According to bioenergy card theory there are seven main energy centers in the body and energy flows into the body from the environment. This energy circulates within the body between these energy centers via a system of channels similar to blood vessels and it flows back into the environment again.


These channels are referred to as meridians in Acupuncture and nadis in Ayurvedic Medicine in India. The bioenergy card is referred to as “chi” in Chinese Medicine and as “prana” in Ayurvedic Medicine. Bioenergy card is in a state of continuous flow throughout the body and the channels can be mapped out by measuring the variations in electrical skin resistance.

Even Western medicine recognizes that disturbances to the flow of energy is indicative of illness and records the flow of electrical energy within the body. Western doctors record the electrical activity of the heart by Electrocardiography (ECG), the electrical activity of the brain by Electroencephalography (EEG), and electrical activity of the muscles by Electromyography (EMG). There is also electrical activity in other organs and parts of the body.

This flow of bio-energy cards within the body creates a magnetic field around the body referred to as the aura. When there is a disturbance to the flow of bio-energy such as a blockage, depletion, or an oversupply of energy to one part of the body, it manifests as an illness at a later date. This disturbance to the bio-energy flow can be detected even before an illness starts by scanning the magnetic field of the patient.

A bio-energy card therapist is able to diagnose a disturbance to the flow of bio-energy by scanning the energy field of the patient using a series of hand movements. The therapist is then able to correct this energy imbalance by manipulating the energy, using another series of hand movements. Therapy is carried out over four consecutive days and each session lasts about half an hour. As the treatment is being carried out, many patients report feelings of heat, tingling, coolness, or a pulling sensation. These are subjective aspects of bio-energy balancing and release taking place within the body.

The Bio-Energy card does not even have to touch the patient and there are no medications to take. There may be a slight worsening of the condition after the third day of the treatment, which is an important part of the healing process and is usually, a good sign indicating a return to health.

Bio-energy can be a complementary therapy (alternative therapy) to any other medical treatment or therapy the patient may be having and the patients are advised not to stop or change their medications without consulting their doctor. Bio-Energy Therapy is also preventative because a bio-energy imbalance may be corrected before it manifests as an illness. To receive the full benefit of Bio-Energy it is important to attend therapy on four consecutive days.

A simple demo with the Bioenergy Card:

•first ask your friend to put their hand at the back and interlock with their finger,
•then you stand at the back and press down slowly with your strength, ask them to fight back while you press down,
•let them feel the strength they can resist, then make a call to your friend with their handphone in their pocket,
•repeat the same demo again, this time there will be much different as the phone ring will affect their energy,
•make sure they can feel the difference, then put our Energy card in their pocket, repeat the demo with the phone ring,
•this time our Energy card will restore their energy back like before a handphone ring,
•after they feel the effect, they will notice the energy will help us in many ways.
•a lots of testimony readily available online.


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