Sanitary pads are a necessity for adult women. The World Health Organization survey shows that 62% of the causes of female gynecological diseases are due to improper use of sanitary pads. The outer packaging of FOHOW sanitary pads is sealed with food-grade plastic, and each sanitary pad is individually packed to isolate secondary pollution. The six layers of the inner filler are made of high-tech materials. The first layer is three-dimensional protection against side leakage. The second layer is comfortable non-woven fabric. The third layer is a four-in-one functional chip. The fourth layer is a super-soft composite core. The fifth layer is a breathable base film. The sixth layer is a non-fluorescent special adhesive. The sanitary pad has a large absorption capacity with fast speed and does not ooze or reverse osmosis around. The four-in-one functional chip is rich in negative ions and nano-silver ions to maintain the vaginal environment and reduce the growth of bacteria. It is rich in far-infrared and effectively improves microcirculation. It has great advantages in absorption, anti-slide leakage, breathability, dryness, and functionality, giving women in the menstrual period peace and care.


  1. Balances the PH of the vagina
  2. Reduces heat and allows ventilation
  3. Effectively constrains the growth of harmful bacteria
  4. Promotes blood circulation and helps reduce inflammation, decrease swelling, and relieves pain in the vagina
  5. Generates negative ion that fights bacteria and expels bad smell from the vagina
  6. Promotes micro-circulation


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