The fast pace of modern life and work leads to irregular diet and lifestyle. Some people overdrink and overeat, which causes endocrine disorders and constipation or piles. Constipation/pile can make our waist thicker and our stomach bigger, and therefore cause obesity. Constipation and obesity are the biggest worries of humans in the world, and the largest toxin in our body comes from the large intestine. The piles stored in the intestine are 1-15kg(not including the normal excretion of poop every day), and 80% of the toxins are stored by the intestine.


Toxins in the body will be widely transmitted to all parts of our body through the Diffusion of lung and symptoms show on our skin in many ways, such as skin spots, acne, skin allergies, and enlarged pores, and oily skin. Through careful observation, we can find that people with constipation have bad skin.

If toxins are not discharged in time, they will enter the bloodstream from the intestine and be recycled into other organs, causing various diseases, such as liver diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and so on. Including the most common cold, sometimes the cause is constipation.


  •  -extract  of Rose,
  •  – oligosaccharides,
  • Xylo- oligosaccharides,
  •  – oligoxiloza,
  •  – stachyose
  • – rose blossom extract
  • No sugar.


  1. Cleanses the gastrointestinal tract
  2. Preventing hypertension
  3. Effective in the treatment of liver diseases
  4. It has an anti-hyperlipidemic effect
  5. Effective in the treatment of ulcer
  6. Regulating flora of the body with bio-direction
  7. Relaxing the bowels thereby preventing Constipation
  8. Preventing Obesity
  9. Prevents Tooth decay
  10. Beauty /Anti-aging Effect

Packaging: contains a tube of 120 g.
Expiration date: 18 months from the production date.
Storing conditions: in a dry and cool place


Because it is a rose extract, it has a sweet taste. You can take it in warm water, or take it directly or spread it on a slice of bread. Or You can take it in milk, soy milk, or other drinks, then drink plenty of warm water after taking it.

Note: Diabetics should take it in the right amount

Dosage: 3 times daily, a spoon at a time on an empty stomach


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