The process of aging is also a process of increasing toxins in the body. The toxins were caused by external and internal causes. External causes: such as air pollution, chemicals in vegetables, automobile exhaust, chemicals in medicine, preservatives in food, heavy metals in cosmetics, junk food, etc. Internal Causes: Refers to the metabolic waste produced by incomplete metabolism, acid poison caused by bad mood, etc.

Sanqing Oral liquid uses low-temperature extraction and cell-wall breaking technology to make the drug take better effect. Fohow Sanqing oral liquid has three major effects of clearing up bowel, clearing poison, and clearing blood lipids.



1.Chitin: This is one of the natural fibers that contain free amino acid actions in nature. It is called “the sixth life element of the human body”. It can effectively absorb various toxins in the human body then be excreted from the body, reduce blood density, remove blood lipids, and has a very unique detoxification effect.

2.folium ginkgo:  The oldest tree in the world is the living fossil of the plant kingdom. Its extract of Ginkgo leaves has a powerful antioxidant effect, can remove free radicals, and effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3 .Aloe Vera gel: This can destroy cancer cells, improve immunity, accelerate wound healing, Increase vitality, Strengthen the immune system, etc.

4. The black jelly fungus: This the healthy food that WHO has recommended because of its high protein, low fat, multi-fiber, and Minerals. It has the effect of reducing the consistency of blood and cleaning the blood lipid, weight management

5. Cordyceps Sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum: These valuable Chinese herbal medicines ensure the removal of toxins while replenishing your body so that the human body is Clean but not weak.


  • It is effective for a patient with:
  • -Constipation
  • -Enteritis
  • -Gastritis
  • -Hyper-lipidaemia
  • -Acne
  • -Halitosis
  • -Hot Temperament etc.

 Mode of Administration:  2 bottles Daily, usually for 10 days, is considered one treatment, which can be repeated. For a more intense effect, a 3-day break of non-use is recommended between treatment courses. For complete cleansing, use for no less than 15 days.

Package contents: 4 bottles, 30 ml each


  1. Not to be used by a diabetic patient
  2. Not to be used by a weak person
  3. Not to be used by a pregnant woman


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